Saturday, July 17, 2010

Momo 10 Meet up at One 97


Good evening !

Recently I visited the Momo Meetup at One 97 Communications in Noida. As a mobile application developer I came to know that its the social networking application that are leading the mobile applications. There were 5 products that were presented by various members like (Samsung, Spice Digital, Mig33, Peek , rocketalk) out of which 4 were social networking applications giving there users an ability to connect with other friends and share their network updates on popular social networking platforms like facebook, orkut and twitter. I liked the idea behind the to get updates from all popular social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and orkut from a single application.

Then there was one innovative product by samsung called bada. a mobile platform that could develop the application for the features phones. It's a free SDK and open to developer. I 'm gonna download it today. Everything went well , from starting introduction to panel discussion Q & A sessions at the end.

Three persons also won a prizes as Samsung Wave handset for answering right questions posed in a quiz organized by Samsung.

Thanks to organizers and all members of Momo 10 meet up!

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